Counter Sniper

Destroy 2 Sniper Towers.

Tactical Strike

Score 2 Monster-kills with Specials.


Win 5 attacks.

Wrecking Ball

Destroy 10 Walls.

R & D

Upgrade a Perk to its next level.

Hell on Wheels

Kill 20 units using the Transport Truck.


Destroy 3 Bunkers with the Grenade Launcher in PVP.


Deploy 125 units in a single PVP attack.

Direct Hit

Score 20 Monster-kills with Specials.


Dispose of 500 units while defending.

Target Acquired

Destroy 20 Bunkers with Missiles.


Use 30 Attack Cards.

Sitting Ducks

Destroy 5 Sniper Towers with Snipers.


Destroy 250 structures.


Heal 10000 points of damage dealt to Grunts.

Air Raid

Destroy 100 structures using aerial Specials.


Destroy 200 structures with the Machine Gunner.

Medic Melee

Deploy 10 Medics in a single battle.

A Good Defense

Achieve 750 offensive structure kills while defending (Bunker, Sniper Tower, and Mortar kills).

Ammo Cache

Hit with 10000 bullets, grenades, or rockets fired from units.


Deploy 50 Grenade Launchers.


Kill 1000 enemy units.

In Command

Deploy 100 Specials.

From a Distance

Deploy 50 Snipers.


Heal a total of 30000 damage.

Direct Force

Have your units deal 250000 damage to enemy units or structures.


Gather 50000 munitions from PVP.

Pump Action

Kill 75 enemy units or structures with the Engineer in PVP.

Rapid Fire

Deploy 50 Machine Gunners.


Repair 25000 damage dealt to Bunkers.

Hold the Line

Dispose of 50 units while defending.

Never Give Up

Attack 10 enemies without surrendering.

Fire Support

Kill 80 enemy units or structures with aerial Specials.


Achieve three stars on 10 attacks.


Kill 50 enemies with Fire Bombs.

Watch Your Step

Blow up 7 enemy units with a single Landmine.


Use 14 Specials in a single PVP attack.

Tactical Barrage

Achieve 100 Mortar kills while defending.

Field Roast

Kill 100 Grunts with Flamers.


Destroy 100 Walls.

On A Roll

Achieve a 10 attack win streak.

Blast Radius

Using explosive units, deal 25000 splash damage to enemy units.

Blown Cover

Destroy 10 Sandbags.

On High

Achieve 250 Sniper Tower kills while defending.

Nowhere to Hide

Destroy 150 blocking/cover items (Walls, Sandbags, Tank Traps).

Hidden Dangers

Achieve 200 kills using Landmines.


Achieve 500 Bunker kills while defending.

Buddy System

Heal 10000 damage dealt to Medics.

A Good Offense

Destroy 100 enemy offensive structures (Bunkers, Sniper Towers, and Mortars).

Singled Out

Kill 150 Assault units.

Controlled Demolition

Destroy 20 Walls with Missiles.

The Big Guns

Deploy 12 Rocketeers in a single battle.

Carpet Bomb

Kill 200 enemy units using Bombing Runs.

High Priority

Kill 25 enemy Snipers.

Heat Wave

Kill 100 enemy units with the Flamer.

Drop the Hammer

Destroy 150 enemy units or structures with Missiles.

Deadly Rain

Achieve 150 Mortar kills while defending.

Field Repair

Repair 5000 damage dealt to the Transport Truck.


Kill 500 enemy units or structures with aerial Specials.

Line of Sight

Kill 100 enemy units or structures with the Sniper.

Stay Alive

Score a 3x Killstreak.

Airborne Assault

Destroy 5 structures with Paratroopers.

Skill Shot

Score 5 Mega-kills with Specials.


Get 100 kills while behind cover (offense or defense).

Finish the Job

Destroy 10 Headquarters with a Missile.


Achieve a 5 attack win streak against Nightmare Opponents.

Death from Above

Kill 101 enemy units with Paratroopers.


Score a 5x Killstreak.

Sweet Dreams

Defeat 15 Nightmare Opponents.

High Traffic

Blow up 12 enemy units with a single Landmine.

Star Performer

Achieve three stars on 25 attacks.

Mobile Bunker

Kill 15 units using the Transport Truck in a single battle.

Big Shot

Score 15 Mega-kills with Specials.


Achieve 50 Explosive Barrel kills while defending.


Score a 5x Killstreak 5 times.


Achieve a 15 attack win streak.

Shut Down

Snipe 5 enemy Medics using Sniper Towers.


Destroy 5 Headquarters with Paratroopers.

Dug In

Get 200 kills while behind cover (offense or defense).

Perfect Shot

Score 10 Ultra-kills.


Blow up 50 enemy Rocketeers using Mines.


Score 50 kills using your Headquarters while defending.


Use 16 Specials in a single PVP attack.


Win 3 games with at least 5 surviving Flamers.


Score a 3x Killstreak 15 times.

Sneak Attack

Destroy 25 structures with Paratroopers.

Rolling Fortress

Kill 20 units using the Transport Truck in a single battle.


Achieve 3 stars against Three Skull Opponents (or greater) 20 times.


Without losing, win 3 games with at least 4 surviving Rocketeers.