Army surplus

Decrease unit deployment costs by 10%


Your units go berserk! Boost their movement, health, and strike fear in the enemy as they get up close and personal.

Big head mode

A science experiment gone horribly wrong! The effects appear to be cosmetic only.

Unit damage

Increase the damage dealt by your units by 10%


Decrease enemy movement speed by 20%

Fire rate

Increase your army's rate of fire by 15%


Decrease enemy health by 10%

Unit health

Increase the starting health of your units by 10%

1,000 munitions

Bring 1,000 extra Munitions into battle.

2,000 munitions

Bring 2,000 extra Munitions into battle.

3,000 munitions

Bring 3,000 extra Munitions into battle.

500 munitions

Bring 500 extra Munitions into battle.


Decrease enemy movement speed by 20%, health by 15%, and increase stagger chance.

Proving grounds

Increase accuracy by 15% and reload speed by 15%

Tactical boots

Run right through Barbed Wire and increase stagger resistance.

Tight formation

Group up! All your units have the same range and move at the same speed.

Unit cap +2

Increase your unit cap by 2 for the duration of battle.

Unit cap +4

Increase your unit cap by 4 for the duration of battle.

Unit cap +8

Increase your unit cap by 8 for the duration of battle.

Bombing run

Watch destruction fall from the sky by calling in strategic bombers.


Precision missile strike - call in coordinates and watch the fireworks.

Fire bomb

Rain fire from the sky and ignite everything it touches.


These elite units can be dropped anywhere on the battlefield.

Rally flag

Rally your units and give them the best possible fighting chance.


Enemies find this decoy to be an irresistible target.

Tear gas

Cloud your enemy's vision and stop them in their tracks.

Focus fire

Focus your army's fire and they'll ignore everything else.