The BIG GUNS! XP Level Rewards program was intended as a special thank you to all of the players who participated in the Private and Limited Access versions of GUNS UP! GU! players were awarded in-game prizes based on the XP Level tiers they were able to reach at the close of GU! LA. In addition, the Top 100 GU! players who were ranked highest by XP Level at the end of GU! LA were immortalized by having their SCEA PSN ID’s added to the GUNS UP! credits list. Thank you all again for your participation and feedback!

Rank Player XP Level Rewards
1351 Avatar_ps MrBiggss 0 0
1352 Avatar_ps Davleo10 0 1 I
1353 Avatar_ps Williams_Bros24 0 0
1354 Avatar_ps WAR_KILLA_2 0 0
1355 Avatar_ps KillerMonster202 0 1 I
1356 Avatar_ps shikuri17 0 1 I
1357 Avatar_ps swampU1 0 0
1358 Avatar_ps Mcarlo24 0 0
1359 Avatar_ps TruuMuuu 0 0