Bug Report ID: 895

CE-34878-0 PS4 error code (extended duration of play bug version)
Feb 23, 2016 8:08 pm PST
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In Game
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CPU Defend
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1. Start Guns Up! game.
2. Play anything (PvP matches or CPU Defend or Test Base or any combination of them) up to or close to 1 hour (maybe 45-60 minutes).
3. Start a CPU Defend (or a Wave Defend).
4. Let 10-15 minutes or more pass while in CPU Defend (or Wave Defend).

Game crashes, closes itself, and the blue screen CE-34878-0 PS4 error code message appears.

(Note: The above 'STEPS TO REPRODUCE' is a possible way to reproduce the bug. Due to the "randomness" of this bug, I am focusing on the "extended duration of play bug" version of this error since this specific PS4 error code has also shown up during the booting process of the game and during "server hiccups", which may be due to internet connection or server error related issues. I will mention other ways that may cause this bug below.)

- After playing the game for some time, game will eventually close itself, in which the CE-34878-0 PS4 error code message appears.

- This bug may be related to a "win-cap" (possible loss-cap? stat imbalance bug?) bug where if too many PvP matches are won in a certain amount of time, game crashes.

- This bug may be related to an "in-game-time-limit" bug combination, where after some time has already been spent in game, whether a number of PvP matches, CPU Defend or combination of both have been played, the next CPU Defend or possibly a Wave Defend that is played, may cause the game to crash.

- Same as "in-game-time-limit" bug combination but with a PvP match, where game crashes before (as soon as press x button on 'Move Out'), after (anytime during or after results screen), or during match.

- When this bug occurs during PvP match (even as soon as press x button on 'Move Out' ), all specials added to loadout are lost and any boost, munitions, xp, or extra card boosts, going into the PvP match are lost/wasted also. (A loss may or may not be added to attack loss stat after some time.)

- This bug may occur when trying to complete a Wave Defend since it takes some time for it to appear (extended duration of play bug more likely to appear) and by the time a wave is attempted to be completed, certain amount of in game time has already passed, and then the amount of time spent during the wave may eventually trigger "in-game-time-limit" bug, causing crash.

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Hi MonkeyMoon22. The team is working on this extended play crash now. Thank you for the detailed report, it is extremely helpful! We hope to have it fixed very soon.